Firefly Outreach is a voice to the silent epidemic of youth suicide. Cultivating and increasing public awareness to help prevent bullying and suicide in our youth.


Our mission is to provide community awareness, resources and programs to increase knowledge about bullying, suicide and other issues perplexing our young people today.  Our communications help us impact and empower young people through school assemblies, programs, print and online media that targets issues young people are dealing with especially bullying, suicidal thoughts, depression, self-harm, addiction and other issues affecting youth.

VISIONARY & FOUNDER, Patti Ann Herrington

Patti began Firefly Outreach after the lost her teenage son to suicide.  She speaks to the younger generation sharing her heartbreaking story of the empty chair. She places an empty chair before her captive audience and uses the chair and her testimony to share her message of hope and healing. She empowers youth to make better choices and to understand they have a great future ahead.  Helping them see that they are valuable in God’s sight, and that he has a great plan for their lives. The “empty chair” sends a power message that suicide only brings emptiness and despair to those left behind.