Losing a Loved One to Suicide

How Do I Cope?

Patti has spoken on many talk shows and venues to encourage  parents and students on how to cope with the tragedy of losing a loved one to suicide.

Do We Talk About Suicide?

Some people don’t want the youth to hear about suicide. This is the problem though, they already hear about it from Satan (the liar) all the time. He lies to many of them telling them their no good, worthless, useless human beings. He tells them they are losers, failures, ugly and no one likes you, no one wants you around. He tells them to kill themselves! We have an epidemic of cutters out there. This is the evidence that there is a problem. It is time to slay this giant! Please continue to pray for Firefly Ministries. We have got to be a light in this darkness. We need to speak life and truth to the youth. If you have someone struggling with depression in your life, be the light and tell them they are valuable and loved. Truth wins!