Life After Heartbreak

Patti brings a message of hope and healing. One day shattered her life forever–nothing that existed before that day will ever be the same. One day she found herself looking at an empty chair. Patti shares her story of enduring complete brokenness. Grief and great despair overtook her, carrying her to a place of hopelessness where she could feel no reason to go on. Questions flooded her mind. How did I get here? How am I ever going to come out of this, how am I ever going to come through this, and how can I find hope again? She realized her destiny was in that empty chair. Once she faced it, Patti started finding a purpose along with the pain. The empty chair represented nothing but death at first. She began to think of it as a way to inspire others and bring hope to the hopeless. Through great loss and tragedy in her life, she began to find a passion to help others to fulfill their God-given destiny.

In that empty chair Patti has discovered her own truest self and purpose in life. Her belief that there can be true life in an empty chair has become her mission: transforming her own empty chair into a lifeline.  Patti is a key-note speaker at schools, churches and youth conferences. The heartbreak of losing her son Conner to suicide has given her a fire and passion to reach this next generation as well as reaching those of all ages that dealing with hopelessness and depression. She delivers a life-changing message that has a profound impact on both older and younger generations.

If you would like to book Patti Herrington to speak at your school, conference, or church please contact Firefly Outreach at 888.598.0888 or email Patti at

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