Patti Herrington, Founder


Patti Ann Herrington is the Visionary Founder of Firefly Outreach.

Patti is a dynamic speaker who incorporates a creative slant in sharing a very difficult life reality. She places an empty chair before her captive audience and uses the chair and her testimony to share about the devastating story of the loss of her son Conner to suicide. She brings specifically designed tools to impress her audiences with the love that God has for each of them. Helping them see that they are valuable in God’s sight and that he has a great plan for their lives. The “empty chair” sends a power message that suicide only brings emptiness and despair to those left behind.

Patti shares her story of how suicide has impacted her life, speaking to youth groups as well as veteran groups and all people. Her goal is to share this powerful story of hope, redemption, and healing to youth groups as well as veteran groups and people of all ages.

Sharing the message to “TAKE A STAND FOR LIFE” against suicide. Firefly Ministries offers Bracelets to every audience asking them to make a choice for life. As they do, they are making a choice for life and not suicide.


Firefly Outreach and Media Vision was birthed through the unfortunate loss of my son, Conner Herrington to suicide on August 3, 2011. This loss has made me acutely aware of the great need to reach people of all ages who have had thoughts of suicide or experienced suicide trauma in their families. Our passion is to reach all people who have struggled with hopelessness and then caught up in the rooms of despair and depression. Individuals impacted need to know that there is hope, answers, and a way out of their insurmountable daily challenges. It is our deepest passion to bring global awareness to suicide and to remove the negative stigma associated with suicide.

The heart of Firefly Outreach is to love and embrace, and encourage and impact people all over the world, especially this younger generation to help them fulfill their God-given destiny. We want them know that God has a unique blueprint and purpose for their lives. “I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you, to give you a hope and future, Jeremiah 29:11.”

Additional Foundational Scriptures: John 10:10, Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139


The three foundational stones of Firefly Outreach are purity, humility and honor.

Jesus is the rock of these three foundational stones and we, his servants, are his hands and his feet to the generations. Those of us serving in Firefly Outreach are called and appointed to live a crucified life, walking in purity and in excellence. (Psalm 1)


Our mission is to go into the world reaching every age, with a message of hope and healing to stop people from committing needless, and unnecessary suicide. Firefly Outreach is the very expression of God in the earth, taking light into a world full of darkness, and delivering hope, destiny, purpose, and love. Our heart is to love, embrace, encourage and empower each person with a message of hope and healing and to take a STAND against suicide. Firefly Outreach has a passion to see lives changed through the delivering power of Jesus Christ.